How To Feminize Cannabis Seeds

How To Feminize Cannabis Seeds

Feminize are the seeds that you know are growing to grow as a female plant. As a grower, you typically only want female plants in your garden. Having male plants grow with female plants can pollinate the seeds and lead to a complete disaster.

The reason why male marijuana plants aren’t preferred much is their low THC level. They contain comparatively a much lesser THC level than female plants. This is resolved by using the process of feminization; growers can get favorable outcomes.

The basic idea of this process is to keep the genes of the female plant within itself. Since both male and female plants are required to pollinate a plant, this cannot be achieved naturally.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal SilverAfter years of study and research, fortunately, we growers have a solution to this. If you expose female plants to Colloidal Silver in the early stage of flowering, they are the high chance of it to grow a pollen sack. Yes, they will grow a male reproductive part if exposed to Colloidal Silver.

So, Now we have the female plant with both male and female reproductive parts and doesn’t contain any male DNA. The seeds which are then extracted from this kind of a plant are highly likely to grow a female plant. With such kind of technique, you growers can get good returns from the crop.

Similarly, there are other methods that can be used to achieve the same.

Silver Thiosulfate Solution (STS)

Silver Thiosulfate SolutionCarrying out this process is much simpler than the prior discussed Colloidal Silver. Due to this, It is also one of the most used ways to produce feminize cannabis seeds, thought the way it acts is exactly like Colloidal Silver.

STS triggers a gender change in the bud of a cannabis plant, this leads to it growing both gender reproductive organs, and it’s not capable of fertilizing itself. It is sold in the form of a liquid which can easily be sprayed over the plants. A regular dose of this makes it highly likely for the plant to change the gender of growing bud. Being so effective at the same time it’s very affordable and can be easily purchased from a gardening store or on the internet.


Rodelization marijuana seedsIt is the natural method that is carried out by the plant itself. Not providing a female plant with pollen for a long time triggered it to grow pollen of its own. As it completely depends on the plant to act, it is not used much. Though, it might be a natural way and doesn’t require exposure to any gene triggering substance.

If you are looking to grow marijuana plants for yourself, you don’t need to go through such a hectic process to achieve feminize marijuana seeds. You can buy high quality feminize seeds.

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