Afgoo Feminized Marijuana Seeds


If you’re looking for a strain that’s strong, potent and will knock your socks off then Afgoo marijuana is what to get. With an Indica content in THC levels as well as yield this plant really knows how make people happy with its amazing effects!


Afgoo Feminized Seeds

If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, Afgoo Feminized Marijuana Seeds might be the perfect complement to your evening. This strain is Indica dominant and has significant THC content so it’ll help keep those worries at bay while giving an all-around relaxing experience!

When to use this marijuana strain

The best way to describe Afgoo marijuana is that it has a strong indica side, which offers deep relaxation. The Sativa half of the plant also shows itself with mood-lifting bliss and euphoria. It can sometimes lead those who use it into a giggly mood instead of sleepiness. With 28% THC content in its buds, this isn’t beginner friendly weed. That said, if you know what your doing then by all means give them a try!

Growing Afgoo Marijuana Seeds

Afgoo marijuana is a strain that smells earthy and spicy. It’s pleasant, heady aroma can be smelled from far away to let you know it’s there before anything else in your garden or dispensary! If grown indoors under hydroponic conditions this plant will provide high yields so make sure not miss out on them by cultivating outdoors with other plants.

This type of cannabis takes about 60 days to flower and produces a lucrative harvest. You can get 32 ounces per square meter or plant depending on where they’re planted and the conditions. This means there’s plenty for everyone to share!

Growing Ice Wreck Strain is a great grow for indoor and outdoor growing.  As long as you are using proper lighting, Ice wreck will be a great yielding plant for all.  The growing experience requires the grower to be at a moderate level, but many first-time growers were able to bring the plant into full spectrum.  Growing indoor or outdoor can yield 450 grams per plant.  The flowering time for Ice Wreck sits at 9 to 10 weeks.

In addition, the typical plant height will be at a medium level.  Make sure to always use proper growing materials when growing Cannabis Seeds.  The better the equipment the better the healthy and high-yielding plants.


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