AK-47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Delivering rapid-fire relief from pain, depression, stress, and muscle spasms,
AK-47 marijuana is an aromatically pleasant and potent medical strain that
will test the skills of intermediate level cultivators.


AK-47 Feminized Marijuana Seed

The AK-47 marijuana strain is a favorite among cannabis users for its potent yet mellow high.

To some people, the strain’s earthy aroma can be too much. However, it also has a sweet and herbal spiciness smell to it. This specific strain delivers rapid-fire relief from medical conditions such as anxiety or depression. Many users recommend AK 47 marijuana for those suffering with muscle spasms because of its ability to deliver quick pain relief without causing any side effects.

The primary effects of AK-47 are happy and uplifting, making it an ideal strain to enjoy with friends. You’ll notice your head becoming clearer as soon as the first few puffs hit! It features a THC level of 19%, and will help create a clear mind.

Growing the AK-47 Strain

If you’re not too experienced in growing marijuana seeds, then these AK-47 feminized seeds might be tricky to grow. They are known for being sensitive and easily influenced by common molds or rot—which means they require extra attention when it comes time to harvest!

Because the aroma of AK-47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds is so potent, The Seed Pharm team recommends investing in good ventilation and watching humidity levels in the room where these marijuana plants are being grown or cultivated. This will make sure you avoid any potential problems with mold building up on walls due do slow evaporation rates.

In terms of timelines, AK-47 needs roughly 7-9 weeks of flowering to produce a moderate amount of harvestable bud. Roughly 500 grams indoors, and 400 grams outdoors.


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