AK Auto-Flowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The auto-flowering version of the popular classic, AK Auto-Flowering is a Sativa dominant hybrid with complex lineage from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan.


AK Auto-Flowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The AK Auto-Flowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a popular classic cannabis seed. A hybrid that has spent years in development. From Colombia, Mexico and Thailand come its ancestors while adding ruderalis means you don’t need to worry about changing your daylight schedule. They will switch from being plants during germination until reaching their final form once ready for harvest!

How will AK Auto-Flowering Marijuana seeds make me feel?

With 50% Sativa and 40% Indica, the hybrid cannabis strain AK Auto-Flowering presents its Indica roots in a relaxed high that leaves users feeling lazy while still being creative. The potent resin-coated buds have sweet earthy flavors. Its best suited for evening or nighttime use with 19 THC levels on average (19%). Too much can make you paranoid so take it easy when starting out until your body gets used to this type of pot!

Medical benefits of AK Auto-Flowering?

The symptoms of mood disorders can be debilitating and life-impacting. With the help of medical cannabis, patients have found relief from depression or bipolar disease!

Growing AK Auto-Flowering Marijuana seeds

The AK Auto-Flowering strain has a flowering time of seven to nine weeks, with impressive strength and resistance. The plants offer both indoor and outdoor growing that produce rich medical marijuana flowers for patients who need relief from pain but can’t wait months at their dispensary before it’s ready!


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