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This seed is a Feminized Sativa Strain.


AK-47 Weed

One of my favorites is AK-47 weed to smoke. AK-47 marijuana seeds are a premium strain of marijuana that contains a high amount of THC. Which makes it great for hanging out with friends and watching movies. Newbies are careful, too much and you will end up glued to the couch. In addition, the THC level is about 20-23%. AK-47 weed boasts very high yields in a short amount of time. Thus making it a natural favorite by professional breeders and new breeders alike. AK-47 marijuana seeds are best known to have white trichrome crystals around their buds. It may also have a reddish tint or both red and white. The buds are compactly arranged and may look like a sugarcoated vegetable.

Effects and Benefits of AK-47

The effects of its high can be very complex; giving highs that can be recognized in both sativa and indica strains. Medically, patients have reported to feel euphoric, happy and uplifted. Thus it is best used to relieve stress, pain and depression. Choosing AK-47 weed is great for treating Anxiety, Migraines, ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder.

Indica vs Sativa traits

AK-47 Marijuana has a strong, prominent smell that can be recognized meters away. Breeders may have to use measures to control its smell as it may bother the neighbors. It may display more sativa or more indica characteristics but the yields are the same. The only significant difference is its blooming periods. Usually it can be cultivated indoors or outdoors using traditional methods or with alternative mediums like hydroponics. The Seed Pharm is known for carrying premium quality seeds. In order to smoke the best marijuana, you must first grow the best marijuana. This starts with using the best seeds. Hence when you buy marijuana seeds from us, you will ensure a better harvest and smoke. Lastly, check with us regularly for the specials on ordering the best priced cannabis seeds.


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