Amnesia Marijuana Strain


Amnesia Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

This Seed is a Feminized Strain of 90% Sativa


Amnesia Marijuana Strain

The Seed Pharm is proud to bring in this delicious Amnesia Marijuana Strain.  The Amnesia is a smooth, creamy strain that brings very high notes of flavor and color.  This has been one of our most popular strains and customers keep coming back for more.  Amnesia marijuana seeds is a euphoric driven high with psychoactive cannabinoid THC of 20%.  In addition, this strain helps many of our customers become comfortable in a social setting, talkative, and energetic are some of the consistent traits our clients feel.  The Amnesia Marijuana Strain smells of oranges with a mix of Haze and Northern Lights scents and the combination is an amazing aroma with citrusy roots. This by far is our most flavorable strain on our product list.

Effects of Amnesia

Amnesia typically has no effect on aches and pains, however Amnesia is known for inducing relaxation and helping with comfort.  As well, patients suffering from depression and stress have also benefited from the citrusy aroma of cannabis’s medicinal effects.  The relaxation of the strain helps with headaches etc but is more directed to reducing stress and the body being tense.  This is a highly recommended strain on all seed websites.

 How does Amnesia Grow?

Amnesia Marijuana strain is a great seed to grow.  Amnesia seeds typically thrive in a more controlled environment that is warm and humid. Harvest time is usually around 8 – 9 weeks of flowering.  In addition, take advantage of Amnesia today and you won’t be disappointed in this purchase.  The Seed Pharm highly recommends the Amnesia Marijuana Seeds.


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