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This seed is a Feminized Hybrid Strain.


Arjan Haze

Arjan Haze Marijuana Seeds – AH is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains. Thus this marijuana strain is known for being a mostly Sativa plant. Thus AH marijuana could be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. As such, it will provide a medium flowering period of around 77 days on average. As such, AH Marijuana has a THC content of about 20-25%. This strain will give users an extremely psychoactive high, strong, and long-lasting. You will notice with Arjan Marijuana has a spicy, minty sativa taste. Medicinally, it is effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation. Patients feel energetic, happy, and uplifted. This premium marijuana strain is an award-winning marijuana strain. The Haze Marijuana has won first place in the 2004 High Times People Cannabis Cup. Hence the yield of an Arjan’s crop is around 900grams per meter squared.

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