How To Store Cannabis Seeds

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seedsSeeds contain a genetic material and hormones which give them the identity to grow as cannabis plants. With time the genetic material reduces making the seed useless. The correct storage strategy can increase the life of a seed by over a decade.

Storing Cannabis Seeds

Atmospheric factors that slowly kill the cannabis seeds are:

  • Air
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Humidity

Air: Cutting the supply of fresh air makes sure that no bacteria or fungi can near seeds.

Heat: Heat is a major factor that leads to the faster death of cells inside the seed. These cells include DNA, hormones, etc.

Light: Light acts as an activation factor for the plants. Feeling it enough light the process of germination is triggered. Here, if the light can reach the seed, it will die in the process of trying to germinate.(Since we aren’t feeding with other necessary resources for it to carry on the process)

Humidity: Cutting air supply automatically cuts the moisture. No fungi can grow in low humidity levels. This eliminates the risk of fungal growth that might have already entered the cannabis seeds before storing them.

Best Seed Storage Sources

As we have already discussed, we need storage that fulfills all the requirements mentioned above.

zip lock bags for storing seedsWe can use zip lock bags to cut off the air supply and maintain low humidity levels, but these bags let light through them which can’t be the case. Therefore, we use an opaque ziplock bag.

This is the most efficient and affordable way to store marijuana seeds. We aren’t done yet; our primary focus now is to keep the seeds frozen to increase the cell life. The solution is using a refrigerator; we can easily maintain a temperature of 2-5 degrees Celsius in a mini-fridge.

As you might know, the way a refrigerator works is by using air from the atmosphere around and cooling it. The issue we face here is the increase is humidity inside the refrigerator with time.

silica gels for storing cannabis seedsThough our cannabis seeds are already in a zip lock bag but better not take a risk, We can use the moisture absorbing silica gels. I recommend not to use them since you might end up over-drying your seeds. Using one silica gel per zip lock back is fine.

Storage Tips For Retailers

seed storage containerMost retailers use transparent zip lock bags to store their marijuana seeds. It is indeed good for representation, but at the same time, it reduces the life of the seed. I used to prefer using transparent bags but with time I gained more experience, and now, there is no way I am storing my seeds inside them. If your seeds sell very fast, you might not want to care about this too much.

Secondly, make sure not over to use the silica gels. They can ruin the seeds if the atmosphere in the zip of bag get’s lower than required humidity level.

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